How much are tickets?

$129 VIP Memberships, $65 Weekend

Memberships, and $45 Kids Memberships.

Purchases at the door with cash avoid ticketing fees.

When is the event?
2023 Date and Location TBD

Are masks and proof of vaccination required?

Absolutely not. Read our CDC approved Health & Safety Policy for more information.

Is there a Military Discount?
Active Military and First Responders receive a discount at the door for a day pass with valid ID. Pre-purchase is not available due to proof of ID.

Do I have to stay at the Hotel?

No, but we highly recommend it, even if you are local. There is simply too much to do at Anime Texas compared to a comic-con style event. We plan things to do for 16+ hours a day.


Is this a family-friendly show?

Yes, absolutely! All 18+ events are clearly marked and require ID.


Where can I sign up for ___?

Click on the image of the event you're interested in

Where is the schedule?

Program page

Where can I see the guest list?

On the Guests Page

Is the celebrity guest list complete?

Stay tuned for 2023 Guest List

Why aren't there more celebrity guests?

Anime Texas brings a comparable number of high profile English voice actors to other events of our size, and even more than some larger anime conventions. Additionally, Anime Texas is not an "autograph con;" there are dozens of activities over the course of the weekend.


This is not a come-and-go comic con - we have more programming in a single day than 3 days at a large convention on the same weekend. We understand attendees may not be able to stay all 3 days, but it is absolutely the best way to enjoy the weekend.

Will there be an autograph authentication service on site?

We hope to have JSA onsite for 2023.

Are there day passes?

Yes, day passes are available online or at the door

Can I get a refund for my membership?

No. All sales are final. Yes, this means you. No, we can't make an exception. 

When does______ happen?

Check our Schedule page

Does it cost to meet the celebrities?

No, but photos and autographs do. Prices set by each guest

How much are autographs and photos?

Click Guests.

Where do I sign up to volunteer?

Click on the Volunteer icon or fill out this form

How much are artist and vendor booths?

Exhibitor Booths will go on sale once the date and location have been announced.

Where can I book my hotel room?

On our Hotel page once the 2023 location is announced

Where is the Dress Code / Cosplay Weapons Health Policy?

Click the one you want to read

Will there be security?


What is your bag policy?

All bags are subject to search

Are there Media/Press Passes available?

Media Applications for 2023 will be released when the date and venue are announced